Technical Support

In order to improve attendance CVA has designed a REMOTE SUPPORT SYSTEM (SAR). It consists of the mode to remotely connect your computer to computer assistance CVA.

(We will see what you are viewing). This remote assistance service will assess technical problems such as configuration variables, chart reading, communication abnormalities, etc. and repair them remotely thus avoiding cost way to travel and delays.

In the commercial aspect remote assistance system evaluates how the equipment is used, its frequency, reading scores and stats from your database. In this way we can quickly remedy the problems identified and advise our vast experience what corrections are to achieve the expected results of these teams, creating an attendance of containment against disturbances generated by the incorporation of new technologies. Any change produces fear and resistance, is the commitment of CVA accompany these new ventures to our customers.

The SAR system works as follows:

1- You must call the phone 4730-2766 / 3543 to request remote technical assistance.

2 were provided to service number for tracking.

3- It is essential to connect to the internet PC CVA team to provide remote support. (Without this condition can not be given technical assistance)

To make the connection TEAM VIEWER download the program from the following link