CVA Reconversions

CVA provides a solution to reconvert vehicle diagnostic equipment of different origins and thus to create an offer of local maintenance and assistance. This activity resulted from international manufacturers deficient technical service not satisfying customer needs. During the last 19 years CVA has acquired the know-how and national and international expertise to manufacture the complete line of products that today satisfy the requirements of local clients and allow the company to export to more than 24 countries and carry out more than 700 installations in the region and worldwide. This is why we wish to keep in touch with you and inform you of all our activities. This will help you to choose the best alternative to satisfy your needs.

What is a reconversion?

It consists in taking advantage of pre-existing mechanical components and measurement and control transducers, incorporating electronics (hardware) and PC software made in Argentina. PC components are readily available and the software is designed to be easily modified and tailored to the authorities requirements that regulate and administer the current legislation.

The reconversions we do apply to the total change of electronic parts and applies to all brands:

  • MAHA
  • RYME
  • COBI